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This is the list of commonly used commands in systems administration.

hwclock Manage hardware clock.
netdate Set clock according to host’s clock.
rdate Manage time server.
zdump Print list of time zones.
zic Create time conversion information files.

Host Information
arch Print machine architecture.
dnsdomainname Print DNS domain name.
domainname Print NIS domain name.
free Print memory usage.
host Print host and zone information.
hostname Print or set hostname.
nslookup Query Internet domain name servers.
uname Print host information.

These commands will work with most (if not all) distributions of Linux as well as most (?) implementations of Unix.

ftp – File Transfer Protocol.
login – Sign on.
rlogin – Sign on to remote system.
rsh – Run shell or single command on remote system.
talk -Exchange messages interactively with other terminals.
telnet – Connect to another system.
tftp – Trivial file transfer protocol.


cmp – Compare two files, byte by byte.
comm – Compare items in two sorted files.
diff – Compare two files, line by line.
diff3 – Compare three files.


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