Quick Reference: AWS vs Openstack Comparison

Table comparison between the these popular Cloud Computing platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Openstack based on services.

Services AWS Openstack
Compute VM Instance
Virtual Servers EC2 Nova Instance
Dashboard/GUI Console Horizon
Dockers ECS Magnum
Load Balancing Elastic Load Balancing(ELB) LBaas
API EC2 API Openstack API
Block Storage EBS Cinder
Object Storage S3 Swift
Networking Networking Neutron
Identity Service IAM Keystone
Heat Cloudformation Heat
Image Service AMZ Machine Images Glance
Telemetry/Billing AWS Usage/Billing Report Ceilometer
Monitoring Cloudwatch Ceilometer
Database(Relational) RDS Trove
NoSQL DynamoDB Trove
DNS Management Route53 Designate

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