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My webhosting company have to do emergency migration to the new server with still no definite reasons and all my hyperlinks are all messed up. It seems my mysql DB was not properly migrated and web site traffic logs are not restored as well. My web traffic dropped significantly 🙁

The hosting need to point my site to the old server and still waiting for their permanent solution on this, or might as well change another hosting serve… too bad..I’m very disappointed

Sorry for the inconvenience …

Is it really hard for the webhosting company to restore wordpress to a new server? On my next post, I’ll post a how to, so please wait for it. thanks




1 Response to “back to the old server”

  1. Mark

    on December 29 2010

    aww. too bad. but look at the bright side, you’re on page rank 2 on google now. keep it up and see you soon!

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